How to Find a Good Lawyer in Florida

It seems everyone needs a lawyer at some point. Whether a lawyer is needed for personal or professional reasons, it is always good to know who to turn to in times of legal strife.

Where to begin your lawyer search:

  • Internet
  • Word of mouth
  • Referrals
  • Phone Directories

A simple internet search of the words lawyers in Avenura, Florida will yield hundreds of results. Visit the website of each lawyer. Read their bios and get to know them. Also spend time reading the reviews of past clients. Word of mouth is a simple way to get honest feedback on a lawyer. Someone who has utilized their services will give you information on them. Ask how they liked them.

Find out how they presented themselves in court. Did they get the results they wanted? Would they refer them to you or someone else? This is a great way to get straight forward answers to your questions. Lawyers will always have a list of clients that they will have you contact to ask questions. Be careful when using this approach as the lawyer could have given them something in return for their time in speaking with you. Ask specific questions and do not settle for less than specific answers.


Even with all the new technology out there, you can still always count on a phone directory. These can give you names and numbers of lawyers. Just search for example: real estate attorney aventura fl. You can call and speak to them and even set up a time to meet them to see if you like them.

Key qustions to ask a potential lawyer:

  • What type of law do you specialize in
  • Who else is part of your legal team
  • What is your record on cases

With the amount of lawyers out there, these questions should always be answered before choosing someone to represent you. Each lawyer will specialize in some form of law. If you pick a lawyer that does not specialize in the field you need, you are wasting your time.

The lawyer you hire will not be the only one working on your case. You need to meet and like everyone that will be part of your legal team. Ask to meet them and find out exactly what they will be doing for you. Always know how many cases your lawyer has been a part of and how many of those they have won. This could be very important in you making your decision.

If you still do not know where to find a lawyer right for you, contact the Bar Association in Florida. They can give you name and information on lawyers that can take your cases. They cannot give you much information on them personally, but they can give you names to get you started.

Finding someone who has worked with each lawyer you are considering is the best way to get real information on them. Having someone you know that can tell you how the lawyer worked for them will be best for you. You want someone you can trust and that you like. Chances are if someone you know does not like the lawyer, you will not like them either!